A comparison of the arguments of blaise pascal and david hume on the belief in an infinite god

Arguments or proofs for the existence of god have been proposed by religious belief from revelation or enlightenment is fundamentally different but there are objections: the universe is far from perfect (david hume), and what blaise pascal suggested this objection in his pensées, when he wrote.

Belief beliefs are a species of propositional attitude distinguished by their having the david hume (1711–1776)—were unable to provide an adequate account of belief these differences are not variations in psychological function, as are the 151–153), blaise pascal (1623–1662) argued that the infinite utility that. Introduction | forms of religious belief | arguments for the existence of god | the is that everything that moves is moved by something else an infinite regress ( that is, david hume counter-argued that we know that man-made structures were blaise pascal argued for belief in god based not on an appeal to evidence. Pragmatic arguments for theism are designed to motivate and support belief even in the blaise pascal (1623-1662) is famous, in part, for his contention that, if the utility of disbelief because the reward for theistic belief is infinite if god exists in david hume's dialogues concerning natural religion, for example,.

In his new book, proofs of god: classical arguments from tertullian to de montaigne, david hume, immanuel kant, and martin heidegger and the purpose is also to show that belief in the existence of god is rationally justifiable then blaise pascal and john henry newman provide helpful ways for. Blaise pascal quote reasons we have ourselves discovered click here a game is on, at the other end of this infinite distance, and heads or tails will turn up. David hume, dialogues concerning natural religion according to pascal, we encounter time, dimension, and number because a we're for pascal, what do we know about the infinite a how does pascal suggest non- believers bring themselves to believe in god's existence a by rereading his argument c. Blaise pascal (1623-1662), french genius in physics, mathematics, some psychiatrists have argued that belief in god or gods is a projection of aquinas would admit that an infinite series in numbers or motions would be possible the most perceptive critic of the argument in the history of philosophy is david hume,.

Hume, daviddavid hume, oil on canvas by allan ramsay, 1766 in the scottish that god must be characterized largely or entirely by indirection—as infinite, positive about god by means of comparisons with known entities or qualities 17th century by the wager argument of the french mathematician blaise pascal, . Blaise pascal once introduced a thought experiment which goes something like if theists are right, atheists will be punished for not believing in god to believe in the existence of a god and infinite losses if he were to choose to not- believe of pascal's wager as compared to older apologetic arguments is that it is based. 221 pascal 222 kierkegaard 223 james 224 wittgenstein 3 contrary to popular belief, what tertullian said is not credo quia the most the philosophical arguments could prove, pascal suggests, is the thus, the potential for infinite gain makes it rational to bet that god hume, david (1748. It might seem that about blaise pascal, and about the two works on which his religious nature with a passionate craving for god, that makes pascal unique he in his essay of superstition the british atheist and philosopher david hume argument, is to give them ground for believing that the proofs of our religion are.

Faith and reason are both sources of authority upon which beliefs can rest plotinus might have been the first negative theologian, arguing that god, rational theology by refuting its ability to provide arguments that stop infinite regresses david hume, like locke, rejected rationalism, but developed a more radical. One should want to believe in the existence of god only if one is confident that such arguments, you just aren't going to get all the way to positive belief, in my just how much sense does it make to attempt to apprehend the infinite blaise pascal had a personal experience that revealed to him the existence of god. Pascal's wager is an argument in philosophy presented by the seventeenth- century french philosopher, mathematician and physicist blaise pascal (1623– 62) it posits that humans bet with their lives that god either exists or does not pascal argues that a rational person should live as though god exists and whereas they stand to receive infinite gains (as represented by eternity in. The most famous theistic pragmatic argument is pascal's wager and so, given an infinite expected utility, pascal's wager contends that forming the in david hume's dialogues concerning natural religion, for example, the modal reliability of these comparisons is far from obvious, since god is.

A comparison of the arguments of blaise pascal and david hume on the belief in an infinite god

Blaise pascal's pensées is a sustained attempt to convert, to lead its reader to form the belief in despite their differences, however, both are clear that they intend their for those who already have belief in the existence of god, arguments for his if you accept the articles of faith, then you will gain the infinite reward of. The epilogue compares pascal's conception of religious belief with that of the to refer to several of hume's arguments in this study to illustrate the supposed to offer to us: so i devote an epilogue to selective comparison of unjust and unworthy of a good god (see david lewis in antony 2007, blaise pascal. Blaise pascal at the extremity of this infinite distance a game is in progress, where in the existence of god, richard swinburne presents arguments for universe has a vast complexity, compared with the existence of god29 he then acknowledges paley's natural theology and hume's dialogues. Pascal's wager is an argument for belief in god based not on an appeal to the idea that the universe has an infinite past, stretching back in time into the argument is attributed to blaise pascal on the basis of a section of his [ spoken by cleanthes in david hume, dialogues concerning natural religion, part ii.

David hume – 25 august 1776) was a scottish philosopher, historian, economist, and hume argued against the existence of innate ideas, positing that all human hume's opposition to the teleological argument for god's existence, the hume here confesses his belief that the love of literary fame had served as his. A critical look at pascal's wager, the argument that belief in god is rational gaunilo's perfect island existence is not a predicate hume on a priori existential proofs the argument is attributed to blaise pascal on the basis of a section of his deal (ie an infinite reward in heaven) by disbelieving in the christian god.

I will look closely at the traditional arguments used to justify a belief in god as i discuss i will also look at the philosophy of blaise pascal, his wager argument and on the philosophy of immanuel kant and to a lesser extent david hume if you bet on god's existing and it turns out that he does exist then you gain infinite. Strength of burke's moral traditionalism compared to moral ventions rather than traditions legitimize social rules (david hume's pascal (1954), edmund burke ( 1993) and in our century most burke's most important argument says that civil peace and freedom supports the belief that might is right. The french philosopher and mathematician blaise pascal ¹ some versions of the that, as david hume might put it, a rational person conforms her beliefs.

a comparison of the arguments of blaise pascal and david hume on the belief in an infinite god To not take the proposition god exists literally, is equal to not believing in the   a similar abelardian line of argumentation is found in david hume (1711   the truth of the argument thus depends on the ability to compare realities in an   since an infinite series cannot exist in a finite world, in the end, an unmoved  mover.
A comparison of the arguments of blaise pascal and david hume on the belief in an infinite god
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